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Reduced Risk

We’ll help you identify, assess, and effectively mitigate against the specific risks facing your business.

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Peace of Mind

With clarity on how to defend yourself and effective countermeasures in place, you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

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Grow Your Business

You’ll be free to stop worrying about cybercrime and start using technology to drive your business success.

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Your Success Depends On It

You want a successful business, yet you’re faced with this huge problem of cybercrime which threatens that success.

It can make you fearful of being attacked, scared of losing business, and confused about how to protect yourself. That’s just plain wrong! Businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, and you shouldn’t have to feel like this.

Cyber-criminals are parasites trying to feed off your business and get in the way of your success.

It’s time for you to fight back!


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When It Comes To Cyber-Crime, We Feel Your Pain

Every day we help more than 1,200 people protect themselves and their organisations against cyber-crime. The reason we do this is that we care about protecting your business and making it a success.

There are 10,000 cyber-attacks each day against small businesses in the UK. Each week we hear stories of organisations suffering major losses and it makes us fighting mad. We feel bad for these people who could have protected themselves for a small fraction of what they’ve lost in the attacks.

Don’t be the next victim of cyber-crime.

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Superfast IT are quick to respond, quick to resolve problems, and very pleasant to deal with. Based on my experience, I can strongly recommend them.

Jonathan Shephard | Autism West Midlands

“I have been delighted with the service at Superfast IT, they are quick and efficient in resolving any issues we have. They provide the personal touch, and after dealing with faceless IT departments in the past, this is really refreshing.

Wendy Ashley | Gravity Risk

The service we receive from Superfast IT is excellent. With their help desk, we get a virtually instant response. Not someone on a mobile phone who is stuck under a desk somewhere.

Paul Kalinauckas | BCRS Business Loans